Donut Bouquet

Wrapped and sealed with love and a velvet ribbon!

LA’s First Donut Bouquet

No words can describe the look when you’ve received a donut bouquet like this one. Wrapped and sealed with love and a velvet ribbon! Include a hand-written note below.

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We have gone above and beyond this year, creating a very special bouquet for these amazing women! The Mother's Royal Bouquet, priced at 60$, includes 3-specialty donuts, “MOM” spelled out with donut letters, and a beautiful heart-shaped donut. This promises to be quite a treat. Each bouquet comes with a special Mother's Day card that you may customize with a hand-written note as well as a surprise gift!.

6 delicious regular size specialty donuts.

8 mini donuts with one regular size donut in the center.

This can be completely customized to the customer’s liking. You may email us at

Please select which kind of bouquet you'd like to customize:
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3 donuts6 donutscustom amount

Please let us know how we can make your donut dreams come true! Let us know how we can help specialize your special moment: favorite flavors, colors, toppings, special designs etc.

Garnished with all things valentine’s day.

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Donut Bouquets can be picked up at any time at DK’s Donuts & Bakery 1614 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90404. 

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All of our donuts are made to order and with high quality and freshness. They still taste great over the two-day time frame, but we recommend receiving them overnight to reach optimal amazing taste. The donuts may move around in transit while using FedEx. We cannot guarantee that they will not move nor that FedEx will treat the packages with utmost care. We have created a system of shipping and handling where we do everything in our power to pack the donuts as carefully as we can. We apologize if this occurs with anyone's products, however, please be advised and aware of the risks. We also cannot guarantee what time it will arrive on your delivery day. This is up to FedEx.

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